Welcome to Bespoke Victorian Shutters

Solid shutters have been proven to retain more heat than double glazing.

Bespoke Shutters made for London Victorian bay windows is our speciality! If one set of shutters for a bay window is required, look no further!

We manufacture and install beautiful interior wooden window shutters also known as Victorian shutters, solid panel window shutters, panelled shutters or shaker shutters.

Based in the South West of England we have installed our bespoke shutters all across England and have many satisfied customers from London, Birmingham and even in Tenby, Wales to name but a few.

Window and bay window shutters are bespoke and therefore are custom made to match the style of the property for which they are intended. Whether it is a period house or more modern property, the style and colour of our wooden shutters is chosen beforehand to perfectly match the property where it will be installed. This ensures that the shutters and their frames blend seamlessly with the decoration and appearance of a property.

Benefits of bespoke window shutters:

Insulation against exterior noises

Our shutters are great at blocking out a noisy road whilst maintaining the decor of a room.

Added security and privacy

With a simple motion the shutters can be closed to block out passers by and also, once locked help to prevent intruders.

Warmer in winter

In a recent study solid shutters have been proven to retain more heat than double glazing making them a great eco alternative for older style houses and newer houses wanting to add character.

Cooler in summer

As the temperature changes the shutters adapt to keep the room cooler in summer and warmer in winter

No need for curtains

As the shutters look so beautiful once installed the window does not need any curtains or additional items added to it.

Enhancing the value of the property

Shutters are very popular and will only add to a properties value similar to the way double glazing does but shutters also add character!